Kingsford Smith election news – Greens to Promote New Bike Path and Light Rail Projects

The site of the upgraded Alison road bike path was visited by Greens Senate candidate Cate Faehrmann at 1pm this Saturday.

She used this Greens supported initiative to highlight the positive public transport initiatives of the Greens and their candidate James Macdonald in Kingsford Smith

Ms Faehrmann outlined The Australian Greens transport policy “Sustainable Planning and Transport” to eastern suburbs bike riders at the recently upgraded Alison Road bike path.

With her was James Macdonald, Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson and local bike riding activist Mora Main.

It was Ms Main who had invited the senate candidate to Randwick in order to show how public transport enthusiasts could work with Green politicians for productive outcomes.

She gave the example of how she herself had lobbied Councillor Matson urging him to ensure that the Alison bike path upgrade was actually made wide enough to safely accommodate riders. Councillor Matson had responded by bringing her submissions to the attention of his Council to ensure that the path’s planned upgrade maximized its bike riding capacity.

The successful outcome has fired up the two Green election candidates to bring their party’s transport solutions to the attention of Kingsford Smith voters.

Kingsford Smith candidate James Macdonald wants to build on light rail and bike initiatives promoted by the Greens on Randwick City Council. He said,

“Randwick’s Green Councillors have over the years pushed for both the return of light rail to Randwick and an expansion of bike infrastructure, such as the widened bike path we stand near today. This year for example has seen Councillors Murray Matson and Lindsay Shurey putting up a motion seeking to mesh bike infrastructure into the CBD to Kingsford light rail when it is built to achieve an integrated alternative transport system.  If elected I will be seeking Federal funding for a further light rail extension from Kingsford to Marourba Junction. Along with this I will also be pushing for a feasibility study into a possible line to Green Square, either off the Randwick line or directly from the CBD.”

Ms Faehrmann quoted the Australian Greens Policy which wants “more high quality footpaths, bike paths and lanes to encourage walking, cycling and public transport use.”

“Greens in the Senate have runs on the board having secured funding for cycling infrastructure in NSW as part of the stimulus package,” she said.

“But more investment is needed if we are to provide a strong incentive for people to choose cycling over other forms of travel,” she concluded.

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