James Macdonald youtube video on what it is about being the Greens candidate for Kingsford Smith

James Macdonald youtube

James Macdonald – Greens candidate for Kingsford Smith

A inspiring youtube video about the Kingsford Smith candidate has just been posted.





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    • Carlos Da rocha on 26/08/2013 at 11:00 am
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    Liberal or Labor that is what many are saying, some say who care they don’t why should we. I will vote for change. For my second preference there is a young candidate called James Macdonald. I believe this young guy is part of our future, Part of progress, new vision and direction for the greens. He will inspire young people to get involved and have a say. He is in my opinion not an extremest but rather a green with great vision. No more cat fights between one another just tell us why we should vote for you. Thanks James for meeting with me last night and hanging around until after 1am in the morning to hear the noise from the ports, container yards. It was a fairly quiet night but there are not many of those type of nights these days. Our environment, health, peace and well being is compromised for what they call progress. Thanks for saying that you will come back again to check. Regards, carlos

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