Sydney Morning Herald wrong on Green preferences to Bruce Notley-Smith in Coogee

Anna Patty
State Political Reporter

RE: “Labor battles swing to retain south Sydney heartland” SMH Sept 5th 2013

Hi Anna

I read your article on the battle for Kingsford Smith.

You are wrong in an area of fact. Bruce Notley-Smith did not win the State seat of Coogee with preferences from the Greens.

Our preferences went to then sitting Labor MP Paul Pearce. Nor was it the 2007 election. It was 2011.

I know this because I am a member of the Randwick-Botany Greens who along with the Waverley Greens have the joint local authority to set the preferences for the seat of Coogee.

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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