Letter to the Editor: Randwick Liberal Councillors not across accepted scientific Climate Change opinion

Australian PM Tony Abbott cuts through on Climate Change debate.

Australian PM Tony Abbott cuts through on Climate Change debate.

November 8th 2013

Raylene Bliss,
The Editor,
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

The smell of bushfire smoke this morning left me contemplating how the newer Randwick Liberal Councillors are much less open to acknowledging climate change than their longer serving colleagues.

Harry Stavarinos is quoted in the Southern Courier as saying that the “catastrophic predictions need to also stop as this puts more scrutiny on the science that they call climate change.” He wants to shoot the messengers. Disappointingly, other new Liberal Brendon Roberts has not explicitly contradicted Harry.

I like Harry who speaks his mind, but I can’t recall more experienced Liberals such as Ted Seng, Keil Smith and Scott Nash ever openly denying clear scientific evidence in quite the same defiant way.

He is clearly inspired by Tony Abbott who this week sacked a quarter of CSIRO scientists and will not send his Environment Minister to international climate change forums.

Out of sync is the veteran Robert Belleli who recently made a waffling Council speech that left listeners genuinely confused as to whether he was, or was not, declaring himself a climate change denier.

Surely Malcom Turnball type Liberals in West and South Wards can email their two elected representatives telling them that it is embarrassing that they are not more across accepted scientific opinion?

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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