November 10th 2013: Randwick Green councillor welcomes news of UNSW/Randwick Light Rail route but says UAPs should not be justified on it.

CBD Kingsford light rail route using a tunnel under Moore Park

The CBD to South East light rail line will cross Moore Park via a tunnel

Long term rail advocate Murray Matson is welcoming today’s media announcement on the light rail route to Randwick but “does not want it linked to further population increases above that already set by Labor when it was in state government”.

The Randwick Greens Councillor said today that the Council’s current population levels already justified light rail regardless of whether the UAPs went ahead.

Returning the trams to Randwick is something that I and the local Greens have supported since 1995 because it was always justified by the prevailing residential densities. The case became stronger after the former Labor Government set a new dwelling target of 8,400 for the Council area without suggesting any real infrastructure improvements.“

He praised the present State Government for continuing with the rail proposal but also criticized it for not warning voters during the last state election that further density increases would be linked in. He said,

The Liberals are keeping their election promise to provide light rail. But imposing additional residents on top of Labor’s increase was never flagged by them when they won the seat of Coogee using this promise.

He urged the State Government to return to the voters to test for a mandate for the UAPs.

The Liberals have no mandate for their UAP’s  – as Tony Abbott might say on a different issue. They should consider going to the next election to seek a mandate for these UAP increased residential densities.”

Councillor Matson urged the Government to supply additional transport, educational and sewerage infrastructure to support the greater number of residents it was proposing. This should, he said, include an extension of the light rail route to Maroubra Junction.

If the Liberals also persist with their second Anzac Parade South UAP then they must provide additional infrastructure for it such as extending the rail line to Maroubra Junction.”

Councillor Matson criticized Labor for selling off local educational and health infrastructure prior to their own density increases. He said,

Labor sold off local schools and Prince Henry Hospital before setting new dwelling targets of 8,400 for the Council area. As a Councillor I know enough to suspect that the sewerage infrastructure may not be up to scratch either. My position is that the Liberals should continue returning light rail as they promised because the present residential density justifies it – and that they should shelve the UAP’s till they have an electoral mandate for increased densities.

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