Letter to the Editor (Nov. 12th 2013): Light Rail tunnel under Moore Park should be built by non scarring “cut and cover technique”.

November 12th 2013

Raylene Bliss
The Editor
The Southern Courier

Re: “Government back tunnel as part of tram network expansion” (Nov. 12th 2013)

Good on high school student Dexter Gordon’ s for his successful lobbying in favour of the tunnel option for light rail across Moore Park (Southern Courier, print version) as both I and Randwick Council also wanted.

But one clarification to the Courier article – the “unpopular cut and cover” process hasn’t been ruled out by the State Government. Nor did I oppose it as reported.

It won’t be ruled out because the Government will build the tunnel using this easy and cheap construction method. It is actually the unpopular “viaduct” option that has been ruled out because it would have divided the surface of the Park for ever.

My support for a tunnel built by cut and cover was referred to in the background debate to my successful Randwick Council motion of the 25th June 2013 that urged “the Government to incorporate such a tunnel design”.

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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