Reply to “Light Rail no solution” (Southern Courier, Nov 19th 2013)

22nd November

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

While Mr Tosti is being overly negative about the return of light rail he is right in that that High Cross Park should not be lost to a bus/light rail interchange. All my fellow Councillors and transport staff seem to agree that the interchange should be moved down into High Street with a stop incorporated to service the hospital. I hope that the Government takes notice.

On the subject of interchanges, the proposed Kingsford one would probably work more effectively from a configuration view point if it was moved south to Marourba Junction. This would reduce pressure on the Kingsford roundabout area and the extra track would not be an astronomically increase in the cost of the project.

Furthermore the Wansey Road section of the track should be diverted through the adjacent Race Course land so that it shadows the road rather than actually runs along it.

Randwick City Greens Councillor
Murray Matson

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