Contentious NSW Planning Legislation held over to February – 29th November 2013

The Planning Minister announced on Thursday that the passage of the planning reform legislation will be delayed until Parliament resumes at the end of February next year.

The reason he gave is that too many amendments were  in the Upper House over the last week.

Amendments have included removing code assessable development, retention of affordable housing provisions, and partial repeal of the provision making the size of a new mining project the main consideration for approval.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson called on the Government to “scrap the legislation”. He said

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard should accept that the community has voiced its criticism through the Upper House and that this highly resented piece of legislation should be scrapped.”

The Greens were the only party to refuse to vote for the final version of the amended bill this week citing a range of remaining provisions that made it environmentally weak and unaccountable to the community.

Failed amendments moved by the Greens included:

  • Removing Strategic Compatibility Certificates;
  • Reigning in the State Significant Development provisions so that the Minister can’t impose SSD in breach of local plans and other environmental controls;
  • Subjecting private certifiers to tough anti-corruption measures; and
  • Making Ecologically Sustainable Development  (ESD) the primary objective of the Act.




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