Heavy Rail Labor Tries Light Rail Derailment Bid – 13th December 2013

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Randwick Labor Tries to Derail Achievable CBD To South East Light Rail Project With Unachievable Heavy Rail Push.

The recent heavy rail push by local Labor is about giving themselves a superficially saleable rail policy that they can show is different to that of the Liberals who are committed to light rail.

But it is mainly just political showmanship that they have not thought through.

Light rail is relatively cheap but heavy rail is expensive and will have to be surrounded with intensive residential redevelopment to justify and for pay for them.

But Labor opposes intensive residential redevelopment, don’t they?

The same party warning that UAPs will give us high rize development down Anzac Parade is inconsistently championing high capacity heavy rail stations in Randwick and Maroubra Junctions.

I don’t know why Liberal Councillor Robert Belleli is also pushing for heavy rail but he has clearly copied local Labor one too many times.

The Greens support light rail to address the extra 8,400 new dwellings that the last Labor Government told Randwick Council to accept without any new transport infrastructure.

Labor is trying to derail achievable light rail by pushing for unachievable heavy rail – pardon the pun.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson


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