Randwick Council voted for a price on carbon emissions in 2013 the hottest year on record – 5th January 2014

In November Randwick City Council voted for a Greens motion to write to federal politicians advocating the retention of a market based system for setting a price on carbon emissions.

Now the ABC (the thing some Liberals apparently want to privatize) is telling us that 2013 was the hottest Australian year “since records began in 1910”.

Clearly, when all the political posturing is put aside, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has got to do something effective about climate change. If a Liberal will not use the market system to reduce carbon emissions who will? (Well, the Greens obviously…)

Hopefully our Prime Minister’s solution will not include clubbing the ABC into silence. But my 2014 new year hope is that we will at least see changes in perspective at our local level.

Maybe Liberal Councillors Brendon Roberts and Harry Stavrinos will edge away from being seen as open climate change deniers. Maybe Liberal Councillor Robert Belleli will stop derailing Council debates by dragging in every unrelated excuse for climate change he can possibly (and impossibly) think up.

Randwick Greens Councillor
Murray Matson




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