CSELR Light Rail: Report back on outcome of Randwick Councillors meeting with Transport Minister – February 28th 2014

A number of us Randwick Councillors met with the Minister for Transport today.

It goes without saying that we were all grateful to the Minister for taking time out of a clearly busy schedule to update us on the issue of the proposed High Cross Park bus/light rail interchange.

The Minister presented to us plans for a new updated design of the interchange in the park that had been generated by submissions to the recently concluded EIS for the CSELR light rail project.

I can not speak for all the Councillors who were present but a number of us expressed concern to her that the Department was still pushing for a light rail and bus interchange in High Cross park when we had seen previous plans for a workable alternative in nearby High Street which would also provide a stop for POW hospital.

I came out of the meeting personally unconvinced that the Minister’s advisers have established to us that it is unfeasible to move the interchange from the Park westward into High Street. As a result I told the Minister that while I supported the light rail project in general I could not see how the loss of any of the park area could be justified while High Street is an option.

While I was disappointed with the outcome of the meeting I remain committed to working with the Council and the Minister’s Department to overcome any identifiable problems with using High Street as a site for the interchange.

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson



    • Paul Curtis on 17/03/2014 at 9:02 pm
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    Can you not see that the termini at both Randwick and Kingsford are on the far sides of the road junctions to faciltate future extensions? Sydney is wall to wall cars and you object to a tram terminus?

    1. Thank you Paul but why would re-positioning either bus/light rail interchange (or termini) impede future expansion of the system?

      In any case, neither the Greens nor the Council are proposing moving the Kingsford interchange to the northern side of the Kingsford Roundabout as I think you believe. Council support was actually for moving the Kingsford interchange further south and was based on a proposal to extend the line to Maroubra Junction.

      There is no current proposal for extending the Randwick line. But should it be extended then additional bus/rail interchange points might have to be constructed anyway where it terminates anyway depending on the actual site. For example, if for some reason the Government found the need to extend the line south down Avoca Street it could meet up with the Kingsford line (assuming it was also extended) at Anzac Parade and then continue on to an interchnage at Maroubra Junction.

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