Councillor Lindsay Shurey speaks today at Randwick Council’s International Women’s Day Community Art Prize – 8th March 2014

It was a proud day for Councillor Shurey when she spoke at the Women’s Day art awards that were originally initiated by former Greens Councillor Margaret Woodsmith.

Here are selected extracts from her speech notes.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey

Greens Councillor Lindsay speaks at today’s Randwick Council International Women’s Day Community Art Prize awards.

“International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention ares requiring further action.”

“The theme for 2014 is: ‘Inspiring Change’ and encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere and in every way.”

“Recent events reported in the media have refocused our attention on rates of domestic violence against women. Herald has a front page story. A 2004 National Women’s Safety Survey identified that 57% of women experience physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives. In Australia, most women who are victims of domestic violence or family Socviolence have children. These statistics are startling and sobering.”

“Another area which I’m sure you’ll agree cries out for change is wage disparity based on gender. As Justice Mary Guadron, the first woman to be appointed to the High Court famously said in 1979: ‘Equal pay was won in 1969 and again in 1972 and yet again in 1974.’ And she added, ‘We still don’t have it.’

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