Tree clearing start on frontage of Argyle Crescent Site – Greens say former Federal Labor Government should have put it back into the Randwick Environment Park

Tree removals commence Argyle Crs 2014 - REDUCED - PNG

Tree removals commence Argyle Crescent.

An anticipated removal of trees began this morning along the eastern side of the Australian Defence owned Argyle Crescent site known locally as the “Bermuda Triangle.”

Greens Councillor Murray Matson says the removals are unnecessary as the site could have been made part of the adjacent Randwick Environment Park by the former Federal Labor Government.

He said,

“By failing to act when asked to by Randwick City Council the former Federal Labor Government threw away a never to be repeated opportunity to expand the Randwick Environment Park by returning the Argyle Crescent site to within its boundaries. That act would have saved these trees”.


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