Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs doubts that unemployment benefits reduce the risk of crime – 16th May 2014

Today Greens Randwick Councillor Murray Matson asked the infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs the following question in an online Telegraph site chat session concerning the 2014 budget impacts.

Lawyer Greg Barns on The Drum reports that the UK experience has seen senior UK police officers linking spikes in petty crime to welfare cuts. Has the Australian Government figured in the social cost that will predictably flow from the proposed delayed access to unemployment benefits?”

The Minster’s answer indicated that he saw no link between lack of income and crime.

“The suggestion that unemployment benefits reduce the risk of crime is a little hard to follow. In any event we are putting in place an earn or learn system where people will get access to support if they have a go.”

Councillor Matson said that he commended the Minister’s preparedness to participate in the broad ranging chat session with members of the public.

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