Randwick Council Greens Oppose shared-use bridge over Anzac Parade – 26th May 2014

UP DATE 28th May 2014 Last night Randwick City Councillors accepted a Greens amendment that the Council: “Express its opposition to the Government’s proposed shared pedestrian bike bridge over Anzac Parade”.

Randwick City Green Councillors Murray Matson and Lindsay Shurey have called for a halt to Government plans for a contentious bike and pedestrian bridge across Anzac Parade at Moore Park.

The “Tibby Cotter Walkway” is being promoted as a shared-use bridge for bike riders and pedestrains but cycling groups are against it.

Councillor Matson said that the Green Councillors  did not see how the present design would actually help bike riders or pedestrians cross Anzac Parade at that point.

He said,

“It appears that the shared-use bridge will not connect to the popular bike path on Anzac Parade thus forcing pedestrian and cyclists to cross a busy bus-way to make any use of it.”

Councillor Shurey commented,

“The Greens support a pedestrian and bike tunnel alongside the section of the light rail tunnel that will cross Anzac Parade but not this puzzling elevated bridge idea.”

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