June 2014 archive

Update: Randwick Council votes to seek return of un-used lot on Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens site to urban agricultural uses – 25th June 2014

Randwick City Council voted last night (24th June 2014) to support Greens Councillor Murray Matson’s motion that seeks the return of un-used lot 3 to agricultural uses and the the clean up of dumped materials and noxious weeds from the site.

IPCC Climate Change: Can disaster be avoided despite Australia, US and UK opposition to action? Fascinating video on climate change warns of dire consequences but strangely positive – 21st June 2014.

Here is an informative coverage of why climate change is not getting the global response that it should and why.

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CBD to South East Light Rail Development Agreement: Greens slam unreasonable lack of co-operation from Transport for NSW – 20th June 2014

Randwick Greens Councillors despite supporting the CBD to South East Light Rail project will not be voting next Tuesday night for the signing of the proposed development agreement because of outstanding issues that require resoluton. Councillor Murray Matson said that alienation of park land and tree loss issues for the Greens had been compounded this week …

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Mistreatment of land on the heritage and agricultural land of the Laperouse Chinese Market Garden Site – 20 June 2014

The long running struggle by Randwick Greens Councillors to secure the future of the Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens for its traditional agricultural purposes resumes next week. Greens Councillor Murray Matson will put a motion to Randwick City Councillors in response to complaints from residents that there has been illegal dumping on a currently un-used lot …

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Alarming references by Commonwealth commissioned consulting firm to the “development potential” of Malabar Headland – 13th June 2014

It has been revealed that the “project delivery and strategic consulting firm” Nation Partners is working with the Commonwealth Government on the Malabar Headland site in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Development adverse residents report that up until recently the company’s web site stated that it “has led a strategic assessment of the site’s potential”. …

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