Greens support CBD to South East Light Rail (CSELR) but want the saving of High Cross Park to be a major part of the emerging ‘Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick’ campaign – 12th July 2014

A High Cross Park solution is to be a major part of the proposed “Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick” campaign that is intended fix identified CSELR light rail design problems.

Fair Go For Randwick - Fair Go For Kingsford

CSELR: Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson want a “Fair Go For Randwick – Fair Go For Kingsford” .

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey has put up a Randwick City Council motion seeking the State Government’s assistance to buy properties in either High Street or Avoca Street as alternative sites for the contentious High Cross Park bus/light rail interchange.

Councillor Shurey says that the Greens want to work with the Government to achieve a “first class public transport improvement via CSELR light rail” but that using High Cross Park land was “not necessary and should be avoided”.

“We want light rail but with that we want a Fair Go For Randwick” she declared.

Councillor Shurey’s motion will propose a Councillor working group that will employ independent technical experts to investigate a range of alternative sites around the park – the key to which might be joint venture agreements with the government.

She stated that a joint venture for a ground floor interchange with medical offices above servicing the nearby hospital could offset the cost of land acquisition to the Council and Government. She said,

“All Randwick Councillors want to keep High Cross Park available to the public as open space and as heritage use.  A joint venture for combined medical facilities and a light rail interchange will work because it will effectively be office space attractively sited on top of a light rail station.”

Councillor Shurey’s High Cross Park solution is intended to be complementary to fellow Greens Councillor Murray Matson’s proposed campaign to get a “fair and reasonable” parking facility on the Kingsford Market site. Councillor Shurey said,

“Council needs to run a ‘Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick’ campaign to both save High Cross Park and to get fair and reasonable parking for South Juniors and our businesses in Kingsford.”

The ‘Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick’ motions will be debated at the Council meeting of Tuesday, the 22nd July 2014.


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