Big “Fair Go For Randwick” win: Randwick Council agrees to look for alternative light rail interchange site to Save High Cross Park – 23rd July 2014

Randwick Council intends to save High Cross Park by running a “Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick” campaign centred on acquiring property that the planned light rail interchange can be relocated to.

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey thanked her fellow Councillors this morning for supporting her motion of last night.

She said,

“Randwick Council has now moved into a position to save High Cross Park by designing a viable alternative site for the problematic interchange facility on adjacent land.

This is positive win by a Council that has shown that it is prepared to look for solutions! We will be seeking to sign memorandums of understanding with key stake holders such as POW, UNSW and local property owners for the purchasing of property to allow for a light rail interchange on the ground floor with rentable properties above.

The closer we can get the facility to POW and away from High Cross Park the better it will be for the community. We intend to develop a reasonable and viable alternative proposal to High Cross Park that the Government will be unable to argue against.”

TEXT OF RESOLUTION FROM 22nd of July 2014 (Editors Note: these are draft notes taken on the night and not official extracts from the Council minutes)

That Council establishes the High Cross Park Working Group comprising the Mayor, the General Manager and ward Councillors to pursue the objectives of;

1)      Working with the State Government to acknowledge the benefits of the CBD to South East Light Rail project and to better publicise the responsible and reasonable light rail mitigation initiatives Council is already pursuing under the Light Rail Support Plan;

2)      Presenting the State Government with alternative sites to that of High Cross Park for the bus/light rail interchange by producing a package of options known as the “Feasible Interchange Alternatives” that shall include but not be limited to:

a)      Acquisition and development of property on the north side of High Street between Avoca and Clara Streets and on the east side of Belmore Road opposite High Cross Park between Avoca Street and Coogee Bay Road; and

b)      Facilities based wholly within the High Street or Coogee Bay Road alignments.

3)      Using a Council approved budget to commission independent technical experts to research, develop and assess the Feasible Interchange Alternatives package;

4)      To coordinate with a Council media and advertising campaign to be run under the slogan “Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick” to support the attainment of these objectives; and

5)      Pursue the opportunity for memorandums of understanding with property owners and key stake holders.



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