CBD to South East Light Rail: Randwick Green Councillor Wants to Save High Cross Park Not Fight The Minister – 28th July 2014

Tuesday night’s Council meeting maybe the last chance to save High Cross Park by getting the Government to agree to the Greens rescue plan of purchasing property for an alternative light rail interchange site.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson made the statement after taking part in yesterday’s Randwick Tree Walk for Tree Day event to the Park.

He said that the March state election was inhibiting Councillors in uniting behind the rescue plan put up by Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey last week. He said,

“All Councillors want to save High Cross Park but I suspect some are more excited about having a state election battle with the Transport Minister. This won’t help resolve the issue.”

During the walk Councillors Bowen, Belleli and Neilson chose to march behind a banner saying “Not Happy Gladys” in a reference to the Coalition Transport Minister. Councillor Matson commented,

“It was a good banner, but what’s the point of them proclaiming that they are not happy if all three of them deliberately voted against taking Councillor Shurey’s rescue plan to the Minister? They can’t blame the Minister for not talking to them if they won’t talk to her either. I have to suspect that they just want a fight rather than working towards a resolution. It won’t matter who wins the local seat if the Park gets degraded.”

Councillor Matson stated he is not interested in fighting the Minister for the sake of it and on Tuesday night he will support the “best way to save High Cross Park”. He elaborated,

“The reality is that the Minister can take ownership of the Park any time she wants by simply sending the Council a letter saying she is doing it. And she doesn’t need a development agreement to do it.

Personally I am over posturing for electoral advantage. I just want to do the best thing to save High Cross Park. On Tuesday night I will listen carefully to what the Mayor reports back from his discussions with TfNSW.

If on the night it turns out that the best way to save High Cross Park is by offering the Minister a re-drafted development agreement incorporating Councillor Shurey’s rescue plan, then I will support that.”



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