Fair Go For Randwick: Randwick Council pushes ahead with Greens rescue plan for High Cross Park by offering re-drafted Development Agreement to the Government – 4th August 2014

The Greens rescue plan to save High Cross Park moved on last Tuesday when Randwick Council voted to offer it to the Government as part of a redrafted light rail development agreement.

Councillor Lindsay Shurey said that her plan would scope out the best of four possible alternative sites that the contentious light rail interchange could be moved to.

She said,

“The community needs the development agreement to refer to the finding of an alternative interchange site to that of High Cross Park as a key component of Council’s Fair Go For Randwick’ campaign. If we can’t successfully promote and offer a reasonable alternative site the Government will simply default to using High Cross Park and forcibly acquire it from the Council. My rescue plan motion listed four such possible sites.”

But Councillor Shurey said the Greens are now reluctant to support any acquisition of property used for medical purposes following representations from doctors with practices around the park.

She continued,

“But following addresses from doctors at the last Council meeting it is clear that we need options that avoid any significant disruption to current medical services along High Street and Belmore Road.”

Councillor Shurey stated that there was a danger of losing the opportunity for a change if the Minister thought the Council was not serious about an alternative site. She said,

“There is a window of opportunity before the state election that will close if Council does not present the Minister with a viable alternative proposition.”

The four interchange options proposed for study by the Greens are:

  • Acquiring property on the east side of Belmore Road opposite the park, which the Greens disfavour as it is will impact on medical services;
  • Acquiring property on the north side of High Street at the intersection with Belmore Road and Avoca Streets, which the Greens also disfavour as it too will impact on medical services;
  • Reverting to the Council’s previously preferred choice of a facility built wholly within High Street itself just down from the intersection and closer to the hospitals. This was previously supported by Transport for NSW; and
  •  A facility wholly within the top of Coogee Bay Road to the east of the Park.

Labor is resisting the Greens proposal and has put in rescission motions against both the development agreement decision from last Tuesday night and Councillor Shurey’s original rescue plan resolution of the previous week.


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