Possible CSELR light rail interchange alternatives: Mayoral Minute to say NO to acquisition of medical practices – Aug 6 2014

The Greens say compulsory acquisitions of medical premises in High Street and Belmore Road will not happen.

Councillor Lindsay Shurey said that the Greens have talked to Randwick Mayor Scott Nash today who has agreed with them that no medical premises should be acquired for an alternative site for the light rail interchange presently intended for High Cross Park.

She said,

“The High Street and Belmore Road medical practices will be removed from the list of possible alternative sites for the contentious light rail interchange planned in High Cross Park.”

The Greens say that the Mayor will be bringing forward a Mayoral Minute to the next meeting recommending to Councillors that medical premises or practices be removed from the list of possibilities. This list of sites is called the “Feasible Interchange Alternatives”.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson elaborated on the discussions held with the Mayor and said,

“It was agreed that the Mayoral Minute will recommend to Councillors that they now restrict the range of alternative interchange sites by limiting them to the use of non-medical practices. Council’s preferred solution has always been that the road reserve of High Street be used. This if accepted by the Government would thus mean that no property acquisitions would be necessary.”


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