CBD to South East Light Rail light rail interchange issue: “Fair Go For Randwick” campaigner suggests re-think of High Street to save High Cross Park – 10 August 2014

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson is on the Council working group recently set up to try and save High Cross Park by scoping out alternative sites for the planned bus/light rail interchange facility.

Attached is a plan using an adjacent section of High Street in Randwick that Randwick CIty Council (RCC) has been trying since the middle of last year to convince the Government to accept as one possible alternative.

RCC preferred interchange site in High St page 1 CROPPED

Randwick City Council wants the planned CSELR light rail interchange moved out of High Cross Park into adjacent High Street, Randwick.

The attractiveness of it is that the CSELR interchange could be contained wholly within the boundaries of the High Street road alignment. It would be one way of removing the need for High Cross Park to be used that did not involve the acquisition of property. The working group will be re-examining this option plus researching new possible sites.

RCC preferred interchange site in High St

A CBD to South East Light Rail interchange relocated into High Street could be designed to avoid using acquired property.

Unfortunately the resolution to Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey’s motion that set up this working group has now had a rescission motion lodged against it by the Labor Councillors. Labor has also rescinded the reworked draft Development Agreement which sought to lock TfNSW into considering the research outcomes of the interchange working group.
Councillor Matson considers that Labor is being obstructionist for political purposes.

He said today,

“It is frustrating that Labor is so unrelenting in blocking the Greens efforts to find ways of saving High Cross Park. Labor believes that it will gain ground in the coming state and council elections if it can lock the Council into a confrontation with the State Government by killing off opportunities for positive light rail design changes. Negativity may win Labor votes in the short term but will cost the community big time in the long run.”



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