Climate Change: Clive Palmer cuts pointless deal with reluctant Government for a review of an Emmissions Trading Scheme – 31st October 2014

Team Australia let the planet down yesterday by opting for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Direct Action plan for reducing carbon emissions.

In 2008, the Pacific island nation of Kiribati asked Australia to accept its citizens as permanent refugees because it expected to be the first country to lose all its land to human produced global climate change.

In 2014, Clive Palmer, a billionaire miner with “significant” interests in coal, cuts a pointless deal with our climate denying PM to do yet another review of the effectiveness of an emissions trading scheme (ETS).

While in the back ground the Environment Minister underlines the futility of the outcome by promising that this reluctant review will not lead to an ETS. “We have agreed to a review but our policy is crystal clear, we abolished the [carbon] tax and we’re not bringing it back,” Mr Hunt tells AM.

Are these political shenanigans really the best the government of Australia can offer Kiribati and the rest of the planet?

Written by Greens Councillor Murray Matson


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