Coogee Election news 2015: Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey says St Catherine’s master plan should look to sustainability and compliance with Waverley LEP – 10th December 2014

“St Catherine’s master plan proposes building heights and FSR’s grossly over those set by Waverley Council, their community, and endorsed by the NSW government in the Waverley LEP 2012″

The school should start again and propose changes to their site which comply with the LEP”, the Greens 2015 candidate for the state seat of Coogee, Lindsay Shurey said.

“At the last election the then Liberal opposition waged a campaign that local communities should control planning issues in their local area. They further espoused a policy that the community be involved in strategic planning, setting the overall parameters for their local areas.” Ms Shurey said.

“The Community in Waverley has done that with its Council, and the resulting controls in the LEP should be determinants of planning decisions in their area. The gateway system of Liberal governments overriding local controls for large developments is as bad as Labour’s Part 3A legislation” she said.

“There is considerable evidence that residents are currently experiencing a significant reduction in their amenity as a consequence of the operations at St Catherine’s. Traffic chaos and parking issues are key concerns. More than 600 students are dropped off in the morning and 140 teachers compete with residents and shoppers for on street parking.

The predominant use of the private car for all users of St Catherine’s is unsustainable.  Located on a public transport hub and close to Bondi Junction railway station, there is no reason for St Catherine’s users to shun public transport. The existing traffic and parking chaos must be resolved before an intensification of use is considered.

St Catherine’s should be required to make a model transport shift to public transit for sustainable transport and meet specifically targeted performance indicators for that change by their staff and students.

The proposed 500 seat theatre and the three pool aquatic complex would increase the number of users on the site and extend the site use to evenings and weekends beyond the school’s current operations. Since the school is proposing to provide only 19 more car spaces on the site, the community will be fighting for a car space near their homes into the evenings and all through the weekend.  This is unacceptable.” Ms Shurey said.

“St Catherine’s should be required to provide onsite car spaces commensurate with the requirements of two commercial theatres and a 250 capacity aquatic complex. If they are going to lease out their facilities to the community or other organisations they should be required to provide parking like any other commercial operation.”  Ms Shurey said.

For further information: Lindsay Shurey,
M: 0414 286 740
Twitter: @lindsay_shurey


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