NSW Government likely to amalgamate Randwick Council despite former Green Mayor Murray Matson’s 2004 reduction of an infrastructure backlog inherited from Labor – 12th December 2014

Raylene Bliss,
the Southern Courier.

Dear Editor

When I became a Green Mayor in 2004 Randwick Council had an infrastructure backlog of $116 million to fix. That’s now down to $6 million after I implemented our first ever long term financial plan.

We are now one of the most financially sustainable Councils in NSW and immune to any argument for amalgamation. But the Government has ruthlessly rigged its ‘Fit for For the Future’ program against us.

Metropolitan Sydney's first Green Mayor of Randwick brought initiated reforms that have brought an infrastructure backlog of $116million down to just $6 million by 2014.

In 2004 newly elected Randwick Greens Mayor Murray Matson brought in a long term financial plan that has reduced Randwick Council’s $116 infrastructure backlog down to $6million by 2014.

It requires an existing population of between 200,000 to 250,000 before any NSW Council will be allowed to escape. Randwick, sustainable as it is, falls short.

Next week Council will mail out seven options to residents to seek feedback on how Randwick and neighbouring Councils might get to a combined figure above 200,000.

Included is an assessment of the possible amalgamation of Randwick and Botany, which is an option supported by Randwick Labor. This option will not get us to the Government’s required 200,000.

Some residents still naively believe that Randwick can somehow say no to the Government. They are being manipulated by vote driven local politicians who for state election purposes are whipping up a populist rage against those Councillors that actually are trying to mitigate the Coalition’s approaching juggernaut.

I support the two plebiscites that will be held by Council in February and May. But do NOT allow yourself to believe that the Coalition Government is going to take any actual notice.

Randwick City Greens Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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