February 2015 archive

Greens Candidate for Coogee votes on CBD to South East Light Rail: How much are the Alison Road trees and bike path worth? Green and Labor Councillors clash over money allocation in Greens rescue bid! – 26th February 2014

Randwick Green Councillors have been successful in setting up a $100,000 funded working group to find an alternative route light rail route in attempt to convince the Government to save the Alison Road trees and bike path. 20

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Greens Maroubra Candidate James Cruz – performs well at Southern Courier candidates forum – 26th February 2015

The Southern Courier’s online blog of last night’s candidate’s forum for Maroubra shows a strong performance by Greens candidate James Cruz and other members of the Randwick-Botany Greens. 20

Greens Maroubra Candidate and Creens Coogee Candidate: NSW Labor must commit to improving CBD to South East Light Rail and abandon supporting the Liberal’s WestConnex Motorway – 20th February 2015

A future NSW Labor Government will: “Complete the CBD and South East Light Rail Project” but will also continue the polluting WestConnex motorway. The light rail commitment is included in Labor’s new infrastructure plan that was released yesterday by opposition leader Luke Foley. Long time local light rail supporter Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson has …

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CBD to South East Light Rail: Text of Randwick Greens Motion seeking to save Alison Road trees and bike path – 18th February 2015

UPDATE: Following feedback Councillor Matson is considering the following amendment to clause (3) of his motion. He welcomes any further feedback from the community. “3) Forming the Randwick Rail Alignment Working Group to report back to Council on the feasibility, requirements, cost, environmental impact and possible advantages of an alternative alignment of the Randwick arm …

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CBD to South East Light Rail: Greens call for consideration of moving line from Alison and Wansey Roads to High Street – 16th Feb. 2015

Randwick Council’s Green Councillors are concerned that the amended course of the Alison Road section of the CSELR light line will result in more tree losses and block the Alison Road bike path. TfNW was granted a modification to the approved CSELR light rail in December 2014 under CBD and South East Light Rail Project …

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CBD to South East Light Rail: Council puts alternate site for High Cross Park interchange to TfNSW as Greens say “Park can be saved from the interchange and Council should get the Kingsford Markets site!” – 6th February 2015

As the NSW State election gets serious Greens candidate for Coogee Councillor Lindsay Shurey has renewed her calls for the light rail interchange to be moved from High Cross Park. A Randwick Council working group set up Councillor Shurey late last year has settled on an alternative site in nearby High Street that would also …

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