CBD to South East Light Rail: Council puts alternate site for High Cross Park interchange to TfNSW as Greens say “Park can be saved from the interchange and Council should get the Kingsford Markets site!” – 6th February 2015

As the NSW State election gets serious Greens candidate for Coogee Councillor Lindsay Shurey has renewed her calls for the light rail interchange to be moved from High Cross Park.

A Randwick Council working group set up Councillor Shurey late last year has settled on an alternative site in nearby High Street that would also provide a direct stop outside POW Hospital. This alternative site was put to Transport for New South Wales today (Friday 6th Feb. 2015).

The alternative CSELR Light Rail interchange site that might save High Cross Park in Randwick

The alternative CSELR Light Rail interchange site that might save High Cross Park in Randwick

She stated this week that the fight is now to convince the Government to accept the rescue bid. She said;

“The High Street site ticks all the boxes needed for a rational reason why the Government should agree to community and Council demands that the Park be spared by moving the interchange.”
She listed the positives of the High Street site as being:

  • It satisfies our Randwick Council resolution that High Cross Park is non-negotiable;
  • No trees will have to be moved for it;
  • It does not require the forcible acquisition of any property, medical premises or businesses;
  • It will provide a direct stop outside POW;
  • It will be a cheaper design; and
  • It will provide enhanced customer satisfaction by being closer to the Randwick Junction business Centre.
Detailed - Alternative Feasibility Option for the Randwick Light Rail interchange

How Randwick Council believes the alternative CSLER Light Rail interchange could work.

Councillor Shurey’s setting up of the Council rescue attempt flows from the Greens “Fair Go For Kingsford, Fair Go For Randwick” campaign seeking design changes to ameliorate the impact of the CSELR light rail project in Randwick Junction and Kingsford.

James Cruz, the Greens candidate for Maroubra, went further to reiterate his parties’ call for the Government to sell the Council the old Kingsford Market site at a fair price.

The Council needs the site to claw back parking lost in the Kingsford Business Centre and around South Juniors to the light rail line.

Mr Cruz has challenged Michael Daley the ALP candidate for Maroubra to promise that the Market site will be given to the Council at “nil or reasonable cost” if Labor wins the State election.
The Greens fear that a future Coalition or Labor State Government might sell the site at auction to the highest private bidder. He stated,

“I call on Michael Daley to make a pre-election commitment that if Labor wins the State election the Government owned share of the Kingsford Market site will be provided to Randwick City Council at nil or reasonable cost. This promise should also be echoed by the Liberal Candidate for Maroubra.

I myself give a commitment as the Greens candidate that if elected I will do everything thing I can to see that South Juniors or the Kingsford Business Centre get back some of the parking lost to the CSELR light rail.”

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