CBD to South East Light Rail: Greens call for consideration of moving line from Alison and Wansey Roads to High Street – 16th Feb. 2015

Randwick Council’s Green Councillors are concerned that the amended course of the Alison Road section of the CSELR light line will result in more tree losses and block the Alison Road bike path.

TfNW was granted a modification to the approved CSELR light rail in December 2014 under CBD and South East Light Rail Project State Significant Infrastructure APPROVAL (SSI-6042). A length of the planned Alison Road alignment will now be switched from the South side to the North side of the road.

Cate Faehrmann James Macdonald Alison Road Bike path 17-8-2013

Archival image of Councillor Matson and Green candidates calling for the preservation of the Alison Road Bike Path during the last Federal election.

This change is not proving popular and has prompted the Greens to re-think the whole idea of using Alison Road at all. Any change would need the co-operation of the State Government to change the latest approval.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson is putting a motion to Council that it assess supporting a return to the 2011 Randwick Pre-Feasibility Study’s preferred option for the use of High Street rather than the Government’s latter choice of Alison and Wansey Roads.

Councillor Matson said,

“It is sometimes forgotten that the Council initiated Randwick Light Rail Pre-Feasibility Study of 2011 assessed the use of Alison Road but finally favored High Street for the Randwick arm of the rail line. This was not taken up by the Government.”

He know thinks that there should be a re-think of the High Street option given the extra impacts from the new amendments of last December.

“Maybe we should be putting the case to the Government that using the entire length of High Street rather than Alison and Wansey may result in fewer tree losses and would preserve the Alison Road bike path? We need a working group to investigate and find out.”

Councillor Matson says the re-alignment of Alison Road is causing resentment among residents and bike riders. He elaborated;

“It is disappointing that a realignment of the Alison Road section of the Randwick arm of the rail line will now occur. This will result in more tree losses and apparently impede if not block the Alison Road bike path. It is further frustrating that these issues could have been negotiated through while Council was still considering the now signed Development Agreement of last year rather than brought up afterwards. Under the previous approval the bike path would not have been affected as the rail line was planned for the south side of the Alison Road.”


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