Greens Maroubra Candidate and Creens Coogee Candidate: NSW Labor must commit to improving CBD to South East Light Rail and abandon supporting the Liberal’s WestConnex Motorway – 20th February 2015

A future NSW Labor Government will: “Complete the CBD and South East Light Rail Project” but will also continue the polluting WestConnex motorway.

Spot the difference between NSW Labor's WestConnex and that of the Coalition's

Spot the difference between NSW Labor’s WestConnex and that of the Coalition’s

The light rail commitment is included in Labor’s new infrastructure plan that was released yesterday by opposition leader Luke Foley.

Long time local light rail supporter Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson has declared the commitment to the CBD and South East Light Rail Project (CSELR) as “belated”.

The Greens have critically compared the Labor infrastructure plan to their own recently released version With Dr Faruqi, Greens MP and spokesperson for Transport describing the WestConnex as “wasteful”. She said:

The Greens 2020 Transport Infrastructure Plan redirects over $4.5 billion to be spent on wasteful projects such as WestConnex, towards integrated public transport solutions such as more light rail lines, buying back the Airport Link and a metropolitan Sydney cycleway network that will get people where they need to go.”

Councillor Matson states that his pending Randwick Council motion seeking to save Alison Road’s trees and its bike path should now receive bipartisan support next Tuesday night.

Councillor Matson’s motion seeks to persuade the State Government to move the approved Randwick arm of the CSELR away from Alison and Wansey Roads to a new alignment. This might possibly be a new path running up High Street from Anzac Parade.

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey, the Greens candidate for Coogee, has renewed her calls for Labor to support her and Councillor Matson’s attempts to improve the light rail design.

She said today,

“The local Greens ask whether Labor’s commitment to continuing the CSELR includes supporting our Council initiatives to improve the approved light rail design? These include sparing High Cross Park by moving the contentious interchange and saving Alison Road’s trees and bike path by using High Street for the Randwick arm of the line.”

Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz states that:

“There is now surely no obstacle preventing Labor candidate Michael Daley promising to give the government share of the Kingsford Market site to Randwick Council to offset parking to be lost to the CSELR.”

Mr Cruz believes that Labor should have explored extending the CSELR light rail line further south to Maroubra Junction and Eastgardens. He says,

“Michael Daley and NSW Labor have today just committed to crippling public transport in NSW. They’ve committed themselves to Liberal-lite policies. With no promised further investment in Light Rail, Mr Daley has abandoned his electorate. Maroubra will be left with fewer buses and no light rail as Labor panders to the Inner West they’re so desperate to hold while still throwing billions away on WestConnex. What NSW wants are trains, light rail and buses – not private toll roads.”

Labor’s CSELR light rail commitment is found on page 19 of “A Better Way Labor’s fully funded infrastructure plan”.

The plan criticizes but does not commit to cancelling the Westconnex as the Greens want other than stating on page 21 that the party will not proceed with stage 3 of it.

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