March 2015 archive

CBD to South East Light Rail: Returned Liberal MP called upon by Green Councillor to demonstrate how he will honour pre-election promise to support Council rescue bid for High Cross Park – 30th March 2015

Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith has been called upon to tell Councillors how he will honour his “unequivocal” pre-election commitment to support Randwick Council’s High Cross Park rescue bid. Before polling day the Council wrote to all Coogee candidates requesting support for its plan to persuade TfNSW to move the contentious light rail interchange from the …

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NSW State Election 2015 – Thanks from the Randwick-Botany Greens for all the help in Coogee and Maroubra – 29th March 2015

A big thank you to everyone who helped the Randwick-Botany Green local campaigns for Lindsay Shurey in Coogee and James Cruz in Maroubra both yesterday and in the preceding months. As of this morning the NSW Electoral Commission web site has Lindsay on 18.47% and James on 8.49%.

CBD to South East Light Rail: Coogee Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey and Liberal candidate Bruce Notley-Smith unequivocally back Randwick Council rescue plan to move interchange out of High Cross Park but Labor candidate Paul Pearce won’t commit before polling day – 24th March 2015

All thee NSW state 2015 election candidates for Coogee now have responded to Randwick Council’s call for “unequivocal” support for its campaign to move the light rail interchange from High Cross Park to nearby High Street. But Labor candidate Paul Pearce has stopped short of backing the Council to the disappointment of Greens Councillor Murray Matson.

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CSELR Light Rail: Call for a twitter campaign to force Coogee Labor candidate Paul Pearce to support Council Rescue bid for High Cross Park – 20th March 2015

Can a twitter campaign change Labor Candidate Paul Pearce’s position on Saving High Cross park before polling day? A Randwick Councillor is calling for a twitter campaign to force “fence sitting” Labor candidate for Coogee Paul Pearce to back Randwick City Council’s determined efforts to negotiate moving the planned High Cross Park light rail interchange …

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Maroubra candidate & Coogee candidate – how to vote for the Greens in Maroubra and Coogee – 17th March 2015

You can find out how the Randwick-Botany and Waverley Greens have allocated the Green preferences for the NSW state seats of Maroubra and Coogee by clicking the orange button below.

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Council Amalgamations Fit for the Future program: “Fit for the dustbin” – Greens unite against Liberal’s local government amalgamation plans – 16th March 2015

Greens councillors from Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick Council joined with State Greens Candidates for Vaucluse and Coogee and State MP and Local Government Spokesperson David Shoebridge today to unite in support of local democracy. Meeting at the point where Woollahra, Waverly and Randwick councils intersect (Centennial Park cnr of Oxford St and York Road), local …

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CBD to South East Light Rail & Coogee Candidate: Here’s a fiduciary mystery – March 13 2015

March 13 2015 The Editor The Southern Courier Here’s a fiduciary mystery. Luke Foley will finish the CSELR light rail line. But Coogee Labor candidate Paul Pearce won’t help Randwick Council move the interchange to High Street. Why doesn’t Pearce understand that the CSELR is now Labor’s light rail plan and that he must now …

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Coogee Candidate and CBD To South East Light Rail: Paul Pearce fronts up to Greens urgency motion debate but won’t support Randwick Council’s rescue bid for High Cross Park – Wednesday 11th March 2015

Randwick Council does not yet have “unequivocal” support from all Coogee candidates for its efforts to move the contentious CSELR light rail interchange from High Cross Park to nearby High Street. Paul Pearce, Labor candidate for Coogee, earned praise for fronting up to last night’s Planning Committee meeting but would not commit his support to …

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CBD to South East Light Rail: Greens candidate for Coogee calls for High Cross Park interchange move to High Street ahead of today’s sit in at High Cross Park – 28th February 2015

The Greens are supporting today’s ‘sit in’ at High Cross Park by repeating their call on both the State Government and Opposition to accept Randwick Council’s proposal to move the light rail interchange down into High Street. Greens candidate for Coogee Lindsay Shurey lodged the successful Council motion that set up the working group of …

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