CBD to South East Light Rail: Coogee Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey and Liberal candidate Bruce Notley-Smith unequivocally back Randwick Council rescue plan to move interchange out of High Cross Park but Labor candidate Paul Pearce won’t commit before polling day – 24th March 2015

All thee NSW state 2015 election candidates for Coogee now have responded to Randwick Council’s call for “unequivocal” support for its campaign to move the light rail interchange from High Cross Park to nearby High Street.

But Labor candidate Paul Pearce has stopped short of backing the Council to the disappointment of Greens Councillor Murray Matson.

Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey has noted that she was the Randwick Councillor who originally initiated the Council plan but wrote:

However I do give my unequivocal support to Council’s suggest plan.

Liberal candidate Bruce Notley-Smith wrote:

In response to your query, I can advise that Randwick Council have my unequivocal support in its efforts to find a feasible alternative site for the South East Light Rail interchange.

Labor candidate Paul Pearce stopped short of giving unequivocal support as requested by the Council motion of last week.

He wrote that he would only support the Council plan “unequivocally” if an “expert assessment” of it if it “satisfactorily addresses the range of concerns I have raised on numerous occasions regarding this project”.

This is not good enough for Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson who voiced his disappointment and states that high quality consultants have helped design the plan. He pointed out that the Labor party is now committed to finishing the actual light rail project which threatens the park. He elaborated,

Luke Foley has committed Labor to finishing to CSELR light rail project. But how are voters to know that this will not mean the degrading of High Cross Park if the local Labor candidate won’t guarantee before polling day that he will support the Council’s rescue plan if elected to parliament?

Councillor Matson stated that,

In the absence of unequivocal support for the Council from Paul Pearce is now fair to assume that Labor does not have a rescue plan and possibly no intention of saving High Cross Park if it forms government after polling day.”

Councillor Matson has resumed calls for a twitter and social media campaign to force Paul Pearce to “…unequivocally back the Council’s fully scoped out and designed rescue plan for High Cross Park before polling day”.

He calls for the following tweet to be retweeted before polling day.

Can a tweeter campaign change Labor Candidate Paul Pearce's position of Saving High Cross park before polling day?

Randwick Councillor wants a social media campaign to force intransigent Labor candidate to back Randwick Council rescue bid to save High Cross Park from a light rail interchange.


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