Renewable Energy Target: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott declares war on his countries wind farms – 11th June 2015

According to Greens Senator Larrisa Waters, our PM Tony Abbott made a comment this morning revealing the fervor with which he wants to wage war on domestic alternative energy production from wind farms.

Hey, Mr Abbott: 'These Things' are the Clean Energy Future

The Greens call Tony Abbott out on his Government’s announcement that it would reduce the issues it will involve itself in.

Senator Waters reported the latest gaffe as follows,

“It’s not exactly surprising, but the Prime Minister came right out and said it this morning — PM Abbott does not like clean energy. For months, the Prime Minister has been pretending that his deal with the Labor Party to grind down our Renewable Energy Target was somehow ‘necessary’ to give the industry certainty.”

“But this morning PM Abbott made it crystal clear that his intention is not to give our renewable energy industry certainty, but to destroy it.”

Senator Waters wants the graphic above shared across social media before parliamentary debate resumes on “the Liberal – Labor deal to slash our RET reaches the Senate on Monday”.


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