Renewable energy and Don Quixote : Another day, another Prime Ministerial attack on wind farms – 12th June 2015

This time PM Tony Abbott has directly linked wind farms as a justification for the recent Labor and Liberal party agreement to cut Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET)

“Frankly it’s right and proper we’ve reduced the Renewable Energy Target because as things stood there was going to be an explosion of these things right around our country,” Mr Abbott warned ABC political reporter James Glenday today.

While it is difficult to understand how a high Renewable Energy Target will cause wind turbines to explode, it is clear that our Prime Minister draws inspiration from fictional historical figure Don Quixote who was equally obsessed by the threat of big windy things that turn silently above you.

The ABC explanation is that our Prime Minister was once offended by one on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia.



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