A Returned Tony Abbott Government Will Unleash the Dogs of War on Solar and Wind Energy – 16th July 2015

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Attend the Solar Shindig in Camperdown this Sunday.

UPDATE: A Solar Shindig week of action kicks off this Sunday 19th July timed to coincide with the lead up to the Australian Labor Party’s National Conference.

Attend and send a message to the wavering Labor Party that Australians support a sun-powered future based on sensible debate over policy.

WHERE: Grayndler Shindig, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park,  1pm – 4pm, Sunday July 19, Sydney. Bound by Australia St, Lennox St,Church St and Federation Road Newtown.

The Editor,
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

How can a Prime Minister of Australia (of all countries) order our Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop funding wind power and small-scale solar projects, including household panels?

If there are two potential fuel sources that we have beside dried kangaroo and sheep poo it must be wind and sun.

Tony Abbott’s propping up of the coal industry by hobbling the alternative energy sector has the latter in despair.

Australian Solar Council chief executive John Grimes said on Tuesday that:

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No New Coal Mines – The Greens

“A returned Abbott government, particularly one with a majority in the Senate, would spell the end of our industry.”

So this is not just about mad Liberals rubbing in our humiliating international position on carbon pricing.

No this is about a crusading old-energy politician taking aim at the mums and dads and couples next door who want to be part of the boom in rooftop solar panels. This is about exposing such ordinary householders to energy price hikes from dirty energy providers.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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