New South Wales Liberals hit back at Solar Activists by Announcing Coal Promotion Event – 23rd July 2015

The success of last weekend’s Solar Shindig has prompted NSW Liberal MP’s to organise a “Festival of Coal” as a PR counter move to support the besieged but politically powerful coal industry.

According to Liberal MP Dr Peter Phelps is the main organiser and thinks that a festival “would be a nice way of trolling the eco-lunatics and their fellow-travellers”.

NSW farmers react to Shenhua Watermark coal mine proposal.

Anti coal mining NSW farmers might find it offensive to be described by state Liberal MP Liberal MP Dr Peter Phelps as “fellow-travellers of eco-lunatics”.

Here is an image of some of your typical NSW fellow-travellers of eco-lunatics complete with their crazy farm equipment. Note the confronting short hair cuts and insolent hands-in-pockets and hands-behind-backs poses.

Written by Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson



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