Marriage Equality: Randwick Council Greens motion calls for Parliament Debate before next election – 18th August 2015

Greens Councillor Murray Matson will move that Randwick Council wants parliamentary debate on marriage equality now rather than latter under the Liberal party’s promised future plebiscite.

The local Green Councillor is making the call as defeat looms likely for Liberal backbencher Warren Entsch’s private members bill next week.

Councillor Matson explained his rejection of the majority Liberal position of calling a plebiscite by saying,

“Clearly PM Tony Abbott is trying to procrastinate the momentum for Australian Marriage Equality to death with this promise of a plebiscite some time in the hazy future. Liberal MP Warren Entsch must feel completely humiliated by his own party after the PM used the National MPs to trick the Liberal MP’s during the recent coalition vote.”

The Greens motion will be debated at the Randwick Council meeting of Tuesday the 25th August.

Text of Greens Randwick City Council motion on marriage equality

“That Council recognises that the need for a referendum or plebiscite on marriage equality is unnecessary given the strong public support for it, notes the pending Warren Entsch private member’s Bill, and takes a proactive position on behalf of our residents by writing to the Prime Minister urging a conscience vote on the issue in Federal Parliament prior to the next Federal election.”

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