Another view on the abandoned shopping trolley menace – 9th September 2015

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

Are we ignoring a social inequity in favour of urban beautification when we call for the removal of abandoned shopping trolleys from our streets?

I believe that most residents wouldn’t wheel groceries home in a commandeered trolley if they had an alternative. I suspect many can’t afford cars or taxies and find that buses are not feasible.

We need to ensure that all fellow residents can reasonably participate if we as a society have moved away from the corner shop to the centralizied distribution of food.

Local Councillors should not be coming down heavy on the socially disadvantaged in favour of big business by calling for the locking off of trolley movements.

Instead we local decision makers should be obliging major grocery chains to offer comprehensive and affordable home delivery services for all customers who need them.

If we aren’t willing to do that then we should not impede choiceless residents fighting back in the only way they can.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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