IMF rubs salt into deposed Australian Prime Minister’s Carbon Tax wound – 8th October 2015

The Randwick-Botany Greens8th October 2015

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

First the Pope starts drawing attention to the need for urgent action on climate change and now the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says world governments actually need carbon taxes.

Thank God recently deposed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott does not have to cope with this latest international insult to his list of parliamentary achievements!

The ABC reports IMF chief Christine Lagarde as saying: “The time is right for governments to introduce taxes on carbon emissions, which would help fight global warming and raise badly needed revenue.”

We all know how Tony would have responded to this latest attack on his world view.

If his past reaction to unwelcome climate news from the Bureau of Meteorology is anything to go by he would have been trying to start a parliamentary inquiry into whether the IMF falsifies data.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson



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