Fit for the Future: “A Botany and Rockdale Council amalgamation is not on!” – Monday 19th 2015

Randwick Town Hall

Councillor Matson has previously warned during the Government’s Fit For The Future process that Rockdale was eyeing off Randwick Council’s area in Botany.

Fairfax media speculation that Rockdale and Botany Council’s may be amalgamated has Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson calling for a united opposition position from local MP’s and Mayors.

Earlier this year Botany refused to consider any fallback-merger with Randwick and Waverley Councils. The media speculation is that the Government is now about to ignore the views of all three Councils.

He is now concerned that the Government may amalgamate Woollahra with Randwick and Waverley instead of Botany despite no eastern suburbs Council including Woollahra ever supporting this idea.

“The Mayor of Botany has refused to consider a fallback position of merging with Randwick and Waverley. This strategic mistake has now left to the door open for Rockdale to launch a bid for Botany and may see Randwick and Waverley forced to accept Woollahra.”

Councils were made aware their submissions to IPART had to take into account amalgamation recommendations put forward by Professor Sansom’s Local Government Review Panel. Proffesor Sansom suggested that Botany should be amalgamated with the other eastern suburb Councils and the CBD into a super city of Sydney rather than going south to Rockdale.

Councillor Matson elaborated,

“The Premier can’t insist to Councils that they have to put in merger submissions reflecting the Local Government Review Panels suggestions and then himself turn around and do something else. What was the point on insisting on all the Fit For The Future consultation?”

Councillor Matson is calling on local state MP’s and the Mayor of Botany to oppose the move. He says that,

“Forcibly merging Botany with Rockdale will break up the eastern suburbs community and our MP’s for Maroubra and Heffron should be jumping up and down with the local Mayors about this!”

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson 0409-984-587

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