Fit For The Future: Randwick Councillors move to head off threat of parking meters migrating south from Waverley Council – 29th October 2015

By reluctantly agreeing to a merger with Waverley Council, Randwick Councillors have dealt themselves a key card in that they will not be sacked by the Premier during the amalgamation.

This has now allowed them to move swiftly to head of a possible “Waverley parking meter” expansion into Randwick’s area by priming their soon-to-be formed ‘transition committee’ to reject the devices.

The future transition committee will deal with infrastructure issues should a Randwick and Waverley Council merger go ahead. Other Councils with dismissed Councillors will be left with non-elected administrators making the decisions.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson who moved the motion last Tuesday night said,

“The Liberal Government’s dreadfully conceived forced mergers are deeply unpopular. But at least Randwick will be able to fight off Waverley’s parking meters now that we can set up our transition committee with our own Councillors. Other Council areas that are not merging will not have Councillors to deal with similar such contentious infrastructure issues if the Premier dismisses them.”


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