Fit For The Future: Randwick Council sets up its Transition Committee – 24th November 2015

Ray Brownlee
General Manager
Randwick City Council

Dear Ray

I am thankful to my fellow Randwick Councillors for their trust in voting me on to Randwick Council’s Transition Committee to oversee our community’s response to the State Government’s amalgamation agenda under its Fit For the Future program. It will be an honour to work with you to protect our residents.

There are two objectives I have personally sought to achieve as I voted on Fit For the Future related Council matters.

One was to stop Randwick and Botany from being forcibly amalgamated into a five member super City of Sydney. I am confident that Randwick at least has now avoided that fate by merging with Waverley.

The second was to keep the democratically elected Councillors of Randwick from being dismissed when the Boundary Commission finishes the inquiry that everyone now anticipates is coming. I am now confident that this has also been achieved and that we will remain in place to be able to  continue to represent the views of those constituents who elected us at the last Council elections.

I wish to advise you that I will not be drawing the $5,000 per month allocation for sitting on the committee as this was never my motivation. I ask that it be used instead to fund Council’s poster and media campaign against the unnecessary removal of trees along Alison Road resulting from this year’s unfair changes to the alignment of the CSELR light rail line.

Thank you.
Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

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