An unfair realignment of the CBD to South East Light Rail (CSELR) line has brought Randwick Council out with a poster campaign seeking to save the unnecessary lose of trees – 15th December 2015

Randwick Council is busy implementing Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson’s successful proposal that it protest the moving of the light rail line from the south side of Alison Road to the northern side along Centennial Park.

At what cost will be this unnecessary re-alignment of the CSELR light rail line on Alison Road?

At what cost will be this unnecessary re-alignment of the CSELR light rail line on Alison Road?

Randwick Council regards it has unfair that the re-alignment was implemented by the State Government after the two bodies had signed a painfully negotiated development agreement for the project.

Councillor Matson commented,

“It is now an act of bad faith for the Government to threaten the Alison Road trees by having realigned the rail line after Council had signed the Development Agreement in a spirit of cooperation.”

IMG_4517 Hundreds of trees destroyed - web site

Randwick Council supports the CSELR light rail but knows the cost of the unnecessary change in the Alison Road alignment.

IMG_4518 Amend the route - web site

Randwick City Council emphatically says that the Alison Road alignment of the CSELR should be moved back to the southern side or middle of the road.

IMG_4521 Tell The Govenment - web site

Randwick Council has a political message that it wants the NSW State Government to hear about the alignment change to CSELR.

IMG_4522 Heritage Figs - Heritage Figs

Randwick will lose its recently planted street trees and Centennial Park will lose some substantially older nearby fig trees. Also to go is the Alison Road bike path.


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    • Jason on 16/12/2015 at 8:38 pm
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    This land clearing work is going to commence on the 28th of December. Night shift I believe.

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