CBD to South East Light Rail: Transport for New South Wales to push ahead with disputed Alison Road tree removals despite Randwick Council sign protests – 17th December 2015

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) has confirmed by media release today that removal of trees along Alison and Wansey Road for the CSELR project will begin on the 28th of December this year.

The two line rail alignment and stop was changed this year from the south side of Alison Road to the north side and a short-extra “third line” segment was added in to help the nearby Racecourse cope with high traffic events.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson wants Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith to intervene to save the imperiled trees by either returning the lines to the south side or by at least removing the extra third line.

Councillor Matson said that there is only weeks left to save the Alison Road trees. He said,

“I call on local Liberal MP for Coogee, Bruce Notley-Smith to intervene to save the significant trees imperiled by this unacceptable alignment change made by the NSW Government. Bruce, if you can’t reverse the alignment back to the southern side, then at least remove this new and unnecessary third line segment that is going to do most of the tree damage on the north side.”

IMG_4518 Amend the route - web site

To spare significant trees Randwick Council wants the NSW State Government to either return the CSLER route back to the south side of Alison Road or to remove the “third track”.

Many of the Alison road removals are also disputed by Randwick Council as being unnecessary and a breaking of the good faith with which it signed a painfully negotiated development agreement with TfNSW.

The Council has erected signs along Alison Road calling for TfNSW to amend the alignment.

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