Local community and Randwick Council lose fight to claw back Centennial Park trees following contentious Government changes to CSELR light rail line along Alison Road – 10th January 2016

Disputed tree removals from Centennial Park commenced on Wednesday night despite Randwick Council complaints that the NSW Government has breached the spirit of a signed development agreement by making a late change to the CSELR light rail alignment

Alison Road tree removals 8-1-2016 IMG_2883 reduced webRandwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey says the removals were “never necessary”. She elaborates:

“I think this is a clear indication that the gambling lobby speaks louder than the environment lobby.  The light rail route should have stayed on the racecourse side, using racecourse land as agreed. It was certainly never necessary to have taken those trees as time could have been made for negotiations. Premier Mike Baird pushed the decision on to Mr Constance, who refused to take calls or answer emails. Both Liberal MP for Coogee Bruce Notely-Smith and Mike Baird are environmental vandals in my eyes.”

Fellow Greens Councillor Murray Matson commented on the “lost opportunity to forge a constructive relationship with Randwick Council to continue to deliver needed transport improvement”. He said,

“Randwick Council could not have been more supportive than it has of the CBD to South East Light Rail project and we have surely earned the right to be treated as the key local stake holder over that of the Racecourse. The Government should have recognised that it needed to stand up for a supportive local Council that wanted both improved public transport and a thriving urban forest.”


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