2016 Kingsford Smith Candidate James Macdonald (The Greens) stunned by extent of Centennial Park trees removals for the CBD to South East Light Rail line – 10th January 2016

This morning James Macdonald the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Kingsford Smith visited the site of the Centennial Park trees removals with Greens Councillor Murray Matson.

Mr Macdonald said that: “The NSW Government has turned Alison Road into a moonscape. The light rail system might paper over the scars but the heritage and beauty of the trees has been lost forever”

Alison Road tree canopy 8th Jan 2016 IMG_2872 reduced web

Friday 10th January 2016. Construction workers commence removing the canopy of Centennial Park trees in the way of the changed alignment of the CSELR light rail line Along Alison Road, Randwick.

Woodchiped Alison Road trees 11th Jan 2016 IMG_2902 reduced web

By Monday only two large figs survive on the far right of the construction site remain. The rest are now part of the sea of wood chips stretching into the distance along the bike path.

Councillor Matson said,

“The results of the Government’s capriciousness in destroying the these Centennial Park trees after changing the agreed on alignment of the Alison road light rail alignment is not inspiring. How will future State Governments now be able to ask local Councils for a cooperative working relationship to bring in need transport infrastructure after Randwick Council has been seen to be treated like this in the last few days?”


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