Randwick Mayor needs to step in and restore Council’s soiled credibility over Special Rate provisions – 28th April 2016

Letter to the Editor
The Southern Courier
28th April 2016

Dear Editor

Randwick’s Building For Our Community program set the NSW bench mark for how Council’s should conduct community consultation to win Government approval for out of the normal rate increases for badly needed infrastructure projects.

But in Coogee the community was given a promise that alcohol use would not be allowed into a refurbished East Ward Senior Citizens Centre. Council minutes show that then Labor Councillor Anthony Andrews seconded his party’s motion to specifically bar alcohol related activities at the Centre.

But times have changed, or so argues Councillor Andrews, who is now an independent. In 2016 he overturned the same prohibition he put through in 2010 to reassure Coogee residents that their requested support for a special rate increase would not be used to fund yet another local drinking hole.

And East Ward Liberal Councillor Brendan Roberts voted with him.  But there is a bigger issue than just that of a Ward Councillor backing the liquor industry against his own Coogee constituents.

These two Councillors have undermined community confidence that we can be trusted not to abuse the special rate levy provisions available for funding supposedly worthy out-of-the-ordinary projects.

The next time there is an identified civil need requiring extra Council funding the State Government will be reminded by Coogee residents that Randwick Councillors do not keep promises about what special rate increases will be used for.

I beseech Labor Mayor Noel D’Souza to step in and restore Randwick Council’s soiled credibility in the eyes of the community and the State Government.

Randwick Council East Ward
Greens Councillor Murray Matson


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