June 2016 archive

A serious Australian federal election battle for a price on carbon might be won or lost in Queensland – 27th June 2016

#VoteCompass: 9 of the top 10 seats least supporting a price on carbon are in Qld. But each are only 50-60% against. https://t.co/nXL1cx2lfI — Murray Matson (@murraymatson) June 27, 2016 20

Climate Change Activists target Malcom Turnball’s electorate – 27th July 2016

Activists marvel at lack of election debate on #climatechange. #southerncourier https://t.co/QhOUpcCdlB — Murray Matson (@murraymatson) June 26, 2016   20

Kingsford Smith federal election 2016 how to vote leaflet – 16th June 2016

Election candidate for the Greens James Macdonald’s recommended preference allocations for the seat of Kingsford Smith in the federal election on Saturday, July 2nd 2016 20

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Feedback from the Kingsford Smith meet the candidate forums shows Labor candidate does not understand passenger capacity of CBD to South East Light Rail – 10th June 2016

10th June 2016 The Editor The Southern Courier I heard Labor’s Matt Thistlethwaite indicate at this week’s meet the candidate forum in the Sands Hotel that he too has swallowed the luddite argument that a combined light rail and bus system will somehow carry less passengers than our current bus only system. 20

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WestConnex impact on Kingsford Smith electorate: Will increased traffic from the St Peters Interchange be the new “ramps” threat to Kensington and Kingsford? – 8th June 2016

The federal election issue for Kingsford and Kensington voters should be the extra cars that will exit into the eastern suburbs via Gardeners Road and Lenthall Street (via Epsom Road) when the St Peters interchange is built as part of the WestConnex motorway. 20

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Local Liberals must accept their party’s lack of action on climate change is exacerbating the damage done to Coogee Beach’s infrastructure by freak storm events – 6th June 2016

Media Statement Local Randwick Council Liberals must repudiate their Federal colleague’s lack of climate change action I reply to the media release by Randwick Liberal Councillor Brendan Roberts concerning the damage done by the weekend’s storm at Coogee Beach. 20

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