July 2016 archive

As light rail construction moves along Anzac Parade Randwick’s Greens push on with relief money for Kingsford and Kensington – 30th July 2016

Randwick Councillors have once again clashed over a Greens initiated plan to alleviate the impact of the CBD to South East Light Rail project on local residents, businesses and institutions. Citing the construction work now underway along Anzac Parade Greens Councillor Murray Matson appealed to Councillors not to impede the Council in the allocation of …

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National Art School (NAS) amalgamation proposal update on Randwick Council response -28th July 2016

Randwick City Council has deferred debate on a recommendation from its Mayor that it commit to support a growing campaign to stop the proposed merger of the National Art School with the University on NSW. Update to previous story on this site. Sydney Morning Herald coverage of the backlash from Sydney’s creative elite. 20

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WestConnex: Randwick City Council votes to invite Inner West Council and City of Sydney Council to participate in a joint legal action – 27-7-2016

Randwick Council voted last night to to inform neigbouring Councils that it is exploring legal issues around a traffic management condition in the ‘WestConnex New M5’ consent and asks then for an in-principle indication of support for a joint legal action. Part of the successful motion moved by Greens Councillor Murray Matson focuses on condition B43 …

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Amalgamation likely to be just the prelude to a sell off of the National Art School site – 23rd July 2016

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson is urging local Sydney Councillors to protest what he claims is a hidden agenda to sell off the Darlinghurst site of the National Art School He said this morning, “Every Sydney Council will have had students who went to National Art School and grew as artists. As a local Councillor …

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CBD to South East Light Rail construction works: Kingsford loses its Gate Tree and the new Eastern Beaches Council loses what could have been an impressive aesthetic statement for the site of its possible new governance building – 15th July 2016

On Thursday Randwick Council learnt that it had failed in its effort to negotiate a CSELR light rail line change to save the Kingsford Gate Tree as early morning commuters along Anzac Parade discovered it gone. Greens Councillor Murray Matson who had led the negotiating effort with TfNSW laments the loss to what could be …

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Refuting misguided claims that the CBD to South East Light Rail (CSELR) project will force a reduction in passenger carrying capacity for Sydney – 14th July 2015

Media Statement by Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson. Southern Courier correspondents John Bellamy and Andrew Roydhouse are mistakenly claiming that public transport capacity in Sydney will be reduced by the CSELR light rail project. They manage this by firstly asserting that the rail line “will only carry 6,750 passengers an hour” (Bellamy email to Matson, …

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Key Randwick Labor Councillors block Greens urgency motion for a joint Council legal action against WestConnex – 12th July 2016

Labor Councillor Kathy Neilson and Labor Mayor Noel D’Souza have voted to block Green Councillor Murray Matson’s attempt to force an urgency debate on whether Randwick Council should propose joint legal action with neighbouring Councils against the WestConnex. 20

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Public comments posted to SMH article show division in the community over the value of the CBD to South East Light Rail – 12th july 2016

Local Councillors across Sydney will no doubt be pouring over the very contrasting views posted to this pro-CSELR light rail article in the Sydney Morning Herald Varying comments posted here are fascinating to me as a #RandwickCouncillor and local policy maker. https://t.co/veLEGSP1Lm #southerncourier — Murray Matson (@murraymatson) July 12, 2016   20

CSELR light rail construction work sees removal of Tree of Knowledge with the Kingsford Gate Tree likely to follow today – 11th July 2016

The “Tree of Knowledge” (a co-joined group of fig trees) at the corner or High Street and Wansey Road Randwick was cut down last tonight (Sunday) as part of the CBD to South East Light Rail construction despite efforts by Randwick Green Councillor Murray Matson to put forward a reconfiguration solution. 20

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Returned federal politicians can exploit close call of last Saturday’s election to build parliamentary resistance to the WestConnex – 7th July 2016

The Green say that whatever Commonwealth Government formed from last Saturday’s election upheaval should hold off funding stage two of the WestConnex until Randwick Council finishes relevant traffic studies. Councillor Murray Matson says that, “Federal MPs will never have a better time than right now to demand commitments from their desperate parliamentary leaders to prevent …

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