Returned federal politicians can exploit close call of last Saturday’s election to build parliamentary resistance to the WestConnex – 7th July 2016

The Green say that whatever Commonwealth Government formed from last Saturday’s election upheaval should hold off funding stage two of the WestConnex until Randwick Council finishes relevant traffic studies.

Councillor Murray Matson says that,

“Federal MPs will never have a better time than right now to demand commitments from their desperate parliamentary leaders to prevent suburbs like Kingsford and Kensington being flooded with extra cars.”

Next Tuesday night the Greens will attempt to move an urgency motion that Randwick approaches the City of Sydney and the new Inner West Council seeking joint legal action against the WestConnex.

Councillor Matson said,

“Last month Councillors agreed to support my motion that Randwick should explore grounds for legal action on behalf of our Kingsford and Kensington residents. This week we heard that the Inner West Council administrator will also look into possibly action. Our residents would expect their Randwick Councillors to now move quickly to be part of that.”

A key component of Stage Two of the WestConnex will be the building of an interchange at St Peters which will allow the motorway’s cars to impact on Kensington and Kingsford via exits into Gardeners and Epsom Roads.

Councillor Matson has already successfully moved that Randwick Council obtain traffic modelling on the increased traffic effects. He said,

“I am expecting that we will see extra cars moving through Kensington’s Lenthal Street from the interchange’s Epsom Road exit and into Kingsford from the Gardeners Road exit. Rat running through these suburbs could well be induced once the new drivers encounter obstacles to flow like the Kingsford roundabout and the CBD to South East Light Rail line.”



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