Key Randwick Labor Councillors block Greens urgency motion for a joint Council legal action against WestConnex – 12th July 2016

Labor Councillor Kathy Neilson and Labor Mayor Noel D’Souza have voted to block Green Councillor Murray Matson’s attempt to force an urgency debate on whether Randwick Council should propose joint legal action with neighbouring Councils against the WestConnex.

The late Dr John Kaye, Greens MLC for NSW.

The late Greens MLC John Kaye wanted rail transport and not car congestion produced by motorways.

Liberal Deputy Chair had ruled that the Greens motion was not urgent enough to allow debate to proceed. Councillor Matson responded by moving “dissent” against the Deputy Chair’s ruling which would have had the effect of opening the way for the debate to start. In a surprise move the two Labor Councillors voted with the Liberal party to defeat the dissent attempt.

Councillor Matson states that the Greens will resubmit the proposal to the next Council meeting where it will have to be debated and voted on. He said,

“Randwick Council is already moving to get a traffic study of the likely effect of the traffic impact from the WestConnex on our two suburbs of Kingsford and Kensington. If the finding is that the impact will be adverse, then my lay view is that the Government will not be able to argue that its conditions of consent for the motorway project can be met.”


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